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AHS 50+ Club Luncheon Report, Friday, October 14, 2016

Co-Chairs: Joan Zimmermann Mosler, Wayne and Ginny Cunningham.

This Year’s Host Class was the Class of 1961 with Carol Enley Gillespie, Host. Thanks to her and her committee for an outstanding job and for supplying the center pieces

We Started out with $100.00 in seed money in our checking account, Abington Alumni Association 50+ Club TD Bank, with Joan Z. Mosler, Administrator.

The Announcement for the Luncheon went out with the Ghost Stories in May, 2016. Forms and checks for the Luncheon were received up to and including the day of the Luncheon, which was held at Williamson’s Restaurant on Friday October 14, 2016. There was a total of 195 Reservations made. Unfortunately, some were not able to attend, and Mr. Grun and Mr. Coleman attended as guests.

We received $1,031 in envelopes at the end of the Luncheon for the AHS Scholarship Fund.

Special Thanks to the Class of 1961 who donated $1,280 to the Scholarship Fund.

With a sad farewell we say goodbye to Williamsons who are closing their doors in December. For over 20 yrs they have served the 50+ Luncheon with good food at affordable prices.

The 50+ luncheon will be held on friday October 6, 2017 at Old York Road Country Club, Tennis Avenue, Ambler, PA between Welsh Road and Norristown Road (directly behind Gwynedd Estates). I would suggest all take a dry run to familiarize yourself with the entrance in and way back out from the Banquet parking area in the rear of the Club.

Next Year’s Host will be the Class of 1962.

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